Lemme Tell You About Webcomics – Part 2

10. Whomp!

Whomp! is the pseudo-autobiographical story of Ronnie Filyaw, an obese, anime-loving webcomic artist with some self-esteem issues. Whomp! draws much of its strength from Filyaw’s self-deprecating humor, though it’s important not to confuse Ronnie with real-life Ronnie. A particular trend is Ronnie making fun of his own weight. He’s pretty socially awkward, but he tries his best to overcome it. Overall, Ronnie manages to keep a positive attitude in the face of misery, loneliness, shame, and all sorts of other delightful parts of the human condition. Also, his father is Santa Claus.

9. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Dr. McNinja is an Irish-American medical doctor specializing in unusual diseases. He’s also a ninja. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja follow his, well, adventures, in all their glorious,  action-packed, explosive, high-octane adventurousness. This includes the time he made a kite from a dead dinosaur, as well as the time he killed the ghost of an astronaut while singing the Ghostbuster’s theme to channel his power.

In short, the world of Dr. McNinja is crazy, over-the-top, and completely fantastic.

8. The Order of the Stick

The Order of the Stick began as a silly, gag-filled parody of Dungeons & Dragons, but over time (and over a 1000 updates), it has developed into an engaging story filled with likable characters and actual emotional depth. It earned its spot on this list thanks to its many gags (which don’t always require a knowledge of D&D to get), but also through the twist-filled story it tells.

It is limited, though, in that it might not be entertaining if you don’t play role-playing games, or at least like fantasy.

7. Nedroid Picture Diary

Nedroid is the absolute sweetest. It tells the story of Beartato (half bear, half potato) and his friends Reginald (a narcissistic bird) and Harrison (some sort of, uh, shark person?). It’s about friendship and silly, silly gags. Nedroid earned its spot on this list because its jokes are just so delightfully silly, and because it’s developed strong characters that are just so fun to watch. It’s simple, but it’s sweet.

It’s also made by the guy who inks Dr. McNinja, funnily enough.

6. Poorly Drawn Lines

It’s hard to describe why Poorly Drawn Lines is so hilarious. I guess I’ll try anyway.

Poorly Drawn Lines is an at times non-sensical comic full of deadpan humor and twist punchlines (OK, maybe it’s not that hard). It earns its spot on the list with a dry delivery that never fails to crack me up.

This one’s got some salty language, if that’s something that bothers you.

Join us next week for cosmic horror, dinosaurs, and more!


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